Quality, service and value.

Brand Stone Holding

Where We Build Your Visions

Brand stone was established 10 years ago with a dream of becoming a leading organization in Dubai and all over the world, covering various industrial and commercial sectors.

Brand Stone was amongst the pioneering enter-prises to establish multi-specialty companies to answer the needs of a fast-growing economy.



We have effectively contributed to the construction and development of the infrastructure in the middle east. We have become pioneers in this regard, in terms of consultancy, construction, and implementation of infrastructure projects.

Financial Sector


We have many projects that we have developed in this sector. Our specialized managerial staff handle consulting, real estate, investment, and real estate management. Our staff are experienced in the management and maintenance of housing complexes



Brand stone has been established with the goal of improving public transportation services by introducing the latest technologies in the transportation and logistics industry to the market.


Investment strategy

Our teams originate deals from multiple sources, through strategic partnerships as well as a network of business connection.
Within this phase we analyze the deal for whether it worth processing forward with detailed study of not, based on main three factors:

  • Risk Level
  • Investment size
  • Assessment

01. Quality

Quality reflects on our company’s reputation. Brand stone strives for quality in our products and services.

02. Reliability

Reliability, to our clients and stakeholder is the central defining characteristic of Pertia’s work ethic .

03. Perseverance

Perseverance is the key to a successful results. Pertia’s team keep persevering to achieve your true potential.

Our Expert Team

Our company, led by one of Africa & the Middle East’s most accomplished business leaders, Mr. Saad E.Benabdallah.

Brand stone’s top management is working closely with an international team of architects, engineers and experts in the investement, contruction and transportation, to develop the best solutions and services with the latest technologies and innovations.

For that the team has put skills, imagination and rigor to achieve the wildest dreams and objetcives of our clients.

Our investment success relies on three points:

  • A strong consultancy team
  • Following a sustainable decision making process
  • Setting clear investment goals

With a good perspective on history, we can have a better understanding of the past and present, and thus a clear vision of the future.